Saturday, November 10, 2007

Presentations Posted!

Thanks to everyone who came to our event this past week-you all made it very successful and I love meeting people from around school! As requested, and also for those of you who couldn't make it, here are the presentations in .pdf. Enjoy!

Youngok Choi, "Searching for Books and Images in OPAC: Effects of LCSH, TOC and Subject Domains"

Ken Fleischman, "Digital Libraries and Human Values: Human-Computer Interaction Meets Social Informatics."

Paul Jaeger, "Social Capital and Information Science Research (SIGS IFP, SI, CRIT, HFIS)"

Christina K. Pikas, "Personal Information Management Strategies and Tactics used by Senior Engineers"

Nancy Roderer, "Introduction: I am an Information Professional"


Anonymous said...

Thank you.
Do you remember Marcia Bate's article that Nancy mentioned in her presentation?

Kathleen said...

I am not sure but i will look up that information for you, Stay tuned.