Thursday, November 29, 2007

Annoyed Librarian, or, where's that cuppa??

I know that we here at ASIS&T are very very pro technology and innovation, and I am too. But I wanted to take a break from that to mention, for a moment, the Annoyed Librarian. Have any of you read his site? I guess recently he was unmasked, after months, (or years, I'm not really sure) of speculation in the blogosphere, as Michael Gorman. Some people think he is snide and snobbish, but I think he can be quite funny and a good reality check at times. His latest blog is about putting the MOM factor back into libraries (as opposed to the WOW factor). I think he makes some very good points about remembering the library's mission, in a tongue and cheek kind of way. Although, the last line of the blog made me think of a relatively new library phenomenon - the library cafe. When I was an undergrad the thing that kept me from studying in the library (besides that it was quiet and I always fell asleep on top of my books) was that there was no way to easily access caffeine! Of course I snuck in thermoses and bottles of diet coke, but it just wasn't the same as the university's cappuchino bar, on the other end of campus. I wish we could have a cappuchino bar in Mullen and I'm wondering how many other people feel the same. My Mom's never made a cappuchino in her life but on her first trip to Europe she got hooked on them the first day.

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