Tuesday, May 5, 2009

YouTube Tuesday: Stop Studying

This week's YouTube videos are nothing but fun. Enjoy the study break and good luck with finals!

Baby Thinks Literature is Delicious
So that's how babies get fiber...

Librarians and Their Cats
If only this job existed.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Impress Your Professors...One Last Time Before the Summer!!

Summer is finally upon us, which means a break from the blog and lots of free time! If you're like me, you'll be spending the time reading books and watching movies. In which case you might find these news stories interesting...
Disney just purchased a 30% stake in Hulu, making Hulu even more of a powerhouse (CBS is the only major network not yet a partner) and leading to speculation that this influx of funds may lead to Hulu going mobile! Rumors are flying that Hulu is developing an iPhone app. Maybe soon there will be TV on your iPod?
Speaking of iPhones, do you read books on yours? Recent data shows that the fastest growing category of apps is eBooks (285% in the last three months)!
And just for fun...did you know birds can dance?