Thursday, November 8, 2007

Impress your Professor: I am an Information Professional!

I have a friend who is very wise. She has a Masters degree in Social Work, but in the course of talking about grad school she gave me a new definition. She says that her degree is actually in people, and mine (as a MLS student) is not in Libraries but in Information.

This Wednesday at our event "Brining it All Back Home" with the Potomac Valley Chapter of ASIS&T we heard many presentations from the National Meeting. For me one of the most memorable was a talk by Nancy Roderer who is now the National President. Her presentation implored all of us to take the title of Information Professional with pride.

We live in an economy that is slowly being taken over by service and information professions. But the titles of Information Professionals are still looked at with a bit of mystery. Are we the IT guys, CIO's, knowledge managers, or librarians. Nancy Roderer stated that all of these people should consider themselves as information professionals. And we need to dialog with all the people involved in information professions and work together to promote our profession.

This will be one of the goals of Nancy Roderer's tenure as President of ASIS&T and we here at CUA - ASIS&T wish her luck and can't wait to see what happens!!

There is more information on the other presentations on the PVC website. These include presentations by our own Dr. Choi!


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Do you remember the article she mentioned by Marcia Bates?

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