Friday, November 6, 2009

Impress Your Professor: Unprepared

I was not prepared to post anything on the blog today. No stories stuck out in my mind. I didn't come across any incredibly interesting articles. Frankly, I was drained of all my energy because I had to teach two courses of library instruction / information literacy yesterday. (After 3 hours, I have a new found respect for teachers who stand up and talk all day.)

So, here I sit, blanking on any information to type. I could discuss more about Google Wave (named after a communications method from my beloved and bygone space cowboy show Firefly), but it's been done and will continue to be done. I could peruse the ASIST journal and bulletin for articles, but I'm not in the mood. Ultimately, I've decided to do what most people do when they're stuck: procrastinate.

(1 hour later)

Success! In my procrastination, I decided to clean out my e-mail files. Look what I came across: Library101.

A large part of working in an academic library is teaching to undergraduates. We have to make the library look all sorts of awesome while still teaching them how to use all our (awesome!) tools and resources. Library101 offers a (somewhat hokey) crash course in what it means to remain relevant in a changing and technologically innovative society.

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