Friday, April 3, 2009

Impress Your Professor... Mobile Trends.

This has been a crazy week... seriously crazy. I was fortunate enough to be sent to Computers in Libraries again this year but I feel like I'm suffering from information overload. As I begin to digest the load of information that is currently overloading my brain I'll let you in on something I noticed this year... Mobile Trends. People are moving their searches to their phones. And I want to ask the obvious question... Why the heck not?

So late last year I caved and joined the hordes of people that have become iPhone users. Yeah yeah, sit there and roll your eyes about how awful Apple is blah blah blah... but this thing has CHANGED MY LIFE! You can do anything and everything with it. Now I don't want this post to become an Apple love fest so I will add that I have several friends that have other variations on the smartphone - Blackberry, Palm, etc. They all say the same thing - "How did I do anything before I got my (insert smartphone here)?". Now I'm not stuipd, I know some of you are sitting there reading this saying that you don't own a smartphone. Guess what - you will someday. Whether you like it or not, you will. They're becoming cheaper and easier to acquire. I was you, I told myself that I'd never get a smartphone but I did. It'll happen.

Obviously the point of this post was to direct you all to the fact that our users are not only online but they're also online everywhere they can get some bars on their phones. Can you hear me now? Yep I can hear you now, I can see your reference text message, I can see you checking our catalog from your phone, I can see you requesting a book from us, I can see you using the library from your phone. Awesome! Anyway, check out cnet's coverage of CTIA Wireless. Look what's coming out and be amazed people. These are the phones of the near future: CTIA Wireless Coverage.

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Kathleen said...

can't wait to get an iPhone!