Friday, February 27, 2009

Impress Your Professor: Twitter... maybe.

Ok go ahead and give me a hard time. It's ok, seriously. I know that back around Halloween I wrote a blog post about blogs and here I am now talking about Twitter. Honestly I had never given much thought to Twitter until today when I read an article about how Google has a Twitter account.

For those of you that are wondering what I'm talking about, Twitter is basically a mini-blog. As if having a blog wasn't enough lets go ahead and have mini blogs. I have a twitter account. I don't usually write anything it's just a great way to cyber stalk people... um... I mean see what your friends are doing. Of course with all new age cyber awesomeness (that is cheap and relatively easy to use) why don't we incorporate it into the library. For anyone that's interested I found a Guide to Twitter in Libraries. I seems like another way for us to get where our users are. What do you think?

Happy Spring Break to all the CUA people!!!

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