Friday, October 31, 2008

Impress Your Professor: Don't be afraid to write a blog.

I realized one of my fears this week. It wasn't the thought of Jason kicking in my front door to cut me up, or It (the spider/clown) coming up through my drain pipes in the bathroom to inform me that apparently we do all float down there. It was simply the thought of having my own blog.

So in one of my classes this week we had to create our own blogs. Not really write anything just mess with the coding and blah blah blah - details. So I'm sitting there thinking to myself - Geez!! I could never imagine having a place where I take everything in this jumbled mess of a brain and type it out for anyone to read. What if I don't talk about anything interesting? What if people make fun of my spelling/grammar errors? What if people read my thoughts and think I'm crazy?!

So in a desperate search for answers I stumbled on some advice given by Chris Brogan on Conquering the fear of Blogging. I really believe in the advice that he gives. I also think that blogs are a great way for Librarians to interact with each other (um... hello, this blog for example). Now don't just sit there and read them - go out and start your own! Start up a conversation, share your thoughts and ideas! I'm sure you all have some.

Of course I do have to mention that today is Halloween. If any of you are trick-or-treating today make sure to have your parents check your candy before you eat it. Also I'd like to mention that growing up in Maine I lived about 15 minutes away from Stephen King's house. Now What did I dress up as today? A reference librarian and right now - I'm a blogger. SCARY!!!

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Gretchen said...

That article you linked to has some good advice in it.

Another reason for SLIS students to get into blogging is that many libraries now have their own blogs so it's good practice for being able to write for the blogs in the libraries we work for.